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  • Welcome

    • Please check our GitHub for introduction, downloads, usages and full latest documentation of MiniBot for WoW.

    • We also recorded exemplary tutorials about using the Project Framework to develop your own bot projects as below.
      Tutorial 1 - First Simple Grind

    • If you have further questions or would like to join more discussions, choose your language section above. Remember to follow the section rules and utilize the tags.

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  • Get Started

    1. Sign up on the website (do not forget to verify your email, check the spam box too!!!)

    2. Download MiniBot for WoW client and run it. Read GitHub for detailed guides.

    3. Login to MiniBot for WoW client with your website credential (email + password).

    4. At the moment, all unpaid users are limited to FREE pass of 2 hours with single WoW session per client login. If you need longer access and/or more WoW sessions, you can pay to subscribe on MiniBot Client with recharge cards.

    5. You can donate to us for our work via purchasing recharge cards from any seller, found in your preferred language forum section above. Look for "purchase credits" tagged posts English sellers. In return, you get longer and multi-session access! Remember we do not sell recharge cards directly, nor do we interfere or take any responsibility in such affairs, so check their rep before you decide to go with any of them!

  • FAQ

    1. Does the "FREE pass" offer unlimited trials?
      Yes! You can use MiniBot for WoW with full features for single WoW session within 2 hours after login, for FREE! After the free time runs out, all features will stop working on the current WoW session, and you will have to close WoW and re-login for another access.

    2. Are my WoW accounts safe with MiniBot for WoW?
      First of all, there are no safe bots in the world. There are several ways how your account may get banned, including Warden detections on client side, heuristics detections on server side, and post-data analysis of player reports. But we try to mitigate them all for you:
      We’ve designed our own in-memory engine is of a military grade security, powered by virtualization technology running in Windows kernel level. The engine has been practically tested by many internal applications over the past years. Without great confidence, we would not publish this product, especially with unlimited free trials! In short words, we work our best to ensure it is "Warden-proof" to avoid "banwaves".
      When it comes to server side detections or player reports, things become quite complicated as they are more or less out of our control. That's why we encourage the community users to build their own "bots" with the help of our simple-to-use but advanced MiniBot Framework. Ban risks are minimized when your bot design is truly unique among all users and randomized. We also encourage you to use our bot project loader and avoid public AddOns since they could serve as another detection vector.

    3. What is the hardware and software requirement of MiniBot for WoW?
      Read the doc on GitHub first. Due to the restrictions of the technology, we strongly recommend you to use an up-to-date PC with the latest Windows version for best compatibility and maximized performance. While make sure your BIOS has VT-x or AMD-v enabled, disable/remove all protection software as well as virtualization-related ones on your Windows.

    4. Why does my WoW process get hang sometimes upon startup?
      There are rare cases that your old hardware configuration is not supported fully by our technology. I am afraid this might happen but you have to upgrade your CPU and motherboard.

    5. What game version is supported by MiniBot for WoW?
      We only support the latest Retail and Classic WoW versions. Note that there might be short delays (usually within 24 hours) due to the compatibility works and safety precautions if a game patch lands and no compensations will be made for this. All relevant patching is done via "hot fixes", so there is no need to update MiniBot Client manually.

    6. Where can I update MiniBot Client to the latest version?
      Sometimes when we make "cold fixes", a force new version update is needed for MiniBot Client. When this is required, you will be prompted to go back to GitHub Releases and re-download the latest version there.

    7. Can I use MiniBot in VMWare or other commercial VMs?
      The simple answer is YES. Some users believe it is "safer" to isolate each WoW session in a separate VM, while Warden has clear detections for such commercial VM running. MiniBot utilizes virtualization technology that might has its natural conflicts with other VMs. Our general tests show this is still feasible, but we don't offer any type of assurance about this.
      We also notice that VMWare does not support the GUI version of MiniBot due to graphic issues. So please switch to CLI version on VMWare.

    8. I like the unlocking feature as well as MiniBot encryption. But can I use it for my own LUA AddOn?
      MiniBot Project Framework allows custom scripts loaded along with the projects while it also supports framework-independent projects that contain nothing but pure Lua files. And we have a full set of extension API that can be used anywhere in WoW Lua. Also you can pack and safely distribute your own Lua scripts in a MiniBot Project, encrypted by MiniBot CLI. For more details about this, refer to the GitHub Development Guide.

    9. I like the MiniBot Framework that minimizes the coding work for navigation profiles. It seems the only missing part is the "combat rotation". Where can I get one? What should I do with it?
      Unfortunately our framework does not come with a set of combat rotations or botting profiles (except a simple fishing bot and a few other features available via Secondary Engine of our Addon Framework) which are subject to frequent change and can vary according to different scenarios. That also makes our maintenance cost go much higher. Instead, we leave this tedious little job to the 3rd party project developers. Look for their existing posts tagged with "combat rotations" / "project" or check the GitHub Development Guide for more details and make your own.

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