[FREE & OPEN SOURCE] A Simple Relogger

  • This is a simple relogger project that can auto-login for you with:

    • email
    • password
    • account
    • realm
    • character

    The word "simple" means it doesn't handle complicated authentication, such as kiosk, captcha and authenticator. Feel free to build your own relogger based on the example. It also serves as a good example for writing "framework-independent" projects.

    To use it:

    1. Clone or download https://github.com/pierre-picard/minibot-wow/tree/master/examples/relogger
    2. Copy the "relogger" project folder to your "scripts" subfolder of MiniBot.
    3. Open "main.lua" to change the above variable default values to suit your own account. Then, you are all good to go!

    By the way, you can use the following scripts

    wmbapi.SetSystemVar("relogger.realm", "NEW_REALM")
    wmbapi.SetSystemVar("relogger.character", "NEW_CHAR")

    to programatically change the realm and character to relog as well.

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