System Upgrade Done! Sessions are PC-boundless now

  • The system upgrade has been completed. Please redownload the client (v1.2.3).

    All sessions are no longer PC-bound, which means you can login the same account on multiple PCs / OS instances, as long as the total session count does not exceed your account limit.


    If your account is granted 5 sessions access, and:

    • You login on PC A, and choose 3 sessions to launch
    • You can still login on PC B at the same time, and choose 2 sessions to launch
    • You can also login on PC B at the same time, and choose 3 sessions to launch (with 1 session over), but your first session on PC A will get disconnected.

  • CPU2680V3, motherboard X99 model host in VM virtual machine blue screen or restart, can you fix it?

  • I have seen many posts about using ancient hardware. But the truth is, our technology is very cutting edge and it is very NORMAL that it can't be supported on those things.

    Things become even more complicated when you use those ancient hardware on a VM! In simple terms, there is NOTHING to FIX for these antiques. Upgrade your hardware is the only way out.

    Also check FAQ, we have clear statements that no VM support is guaranteed to have. Please post your questions in the right forum sections. This is an announcement. So I will just lock it.

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