Teleportation by GM

  • Hi Titan/Moderators,

    Does the MiniBot detect if I am been teleported by GM or blizzard ? or is there a function to detect if I am jump from a position to another?


  • I was teleported once, no sound was played or anything... but i saw a message from minibot that a "unknown teleport" was made.... and my character ran back... Tabbed wow down and 10 seconds later tabbed up, it was inbetween the 10 seconds i got teleported, 2bad i didnt catch that live...

    Once i was dead, my body was FAAAAAR away from the spot i used to farm, deep into the ocean

  • @mario Oh My!! any reason why were you teleported there. Must be GMs fishing around mate. I was teleported by few yards this morning and my character run back to the target. Did not show any warning by minibot. kind of worried. No GMs around or they must be invisible.

  • @Girit I was farming with the bot, in a small radius, lets say...i was on the islands north in STV, but got teleported South!

    yeah GM's do this kinda stuff to see / check... thats all i know

    1. The framework panel has alert system including teleport detections, found down the Primary Engine panel. Read carefully! Besides, the framework variables alert.time_offset and alert.type provide you programmatic interfaces about the most recent alert details.

    2. Teleport is nothing but a sudden position change. You can always write your own Lua to check this at all times.

  • You will see the teleport alert trigger when you die and release if you are in an instance, as you come back to life at the entrance and are (probably) far from where you died. Could be useful for testing any code / functionality / alerts you want to set up.

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